The electronic health record (DMP): services available to patients

DMP | 19 Jul 2010
Designed to facilitate access for patients to their health information, so that they can control access to it, as well as being more involved in their treatment, the services that will be available to patients through the DMP will help them to take responsibility for their own health.
The services that the DMP will make available to patients will be trialled in some regions between 2010 and 2013, before being rolled out nationally.

Managing access to the DMP

Patients with a DMP will be able to:
  • Access their DMP via an Internet browser, using a robust authentication process which requires an identifier, a password and a "unique access code". Trials will be conducted on the methods for transmitting these authentication details. These trials must enable ease of use to be tested, while guaranteeing maximum security;
  • Manage access rights to their DMP (healthcare professionals, health institutions, option to oppose access modes employed in emergency situations without the patient's consent);
  • Trace the access history of their DMP;
  • Hide documents or ask a healthcare professional to hide them on their behalf; thereafter, the hidden document will only be visible to the patient, the person who created it and the medical practitioner(s) treating the patient. Anyone else accessing the DMP will not be able to tell that it contains hidden documents.

Using the DMP

Once they have access to their DMPs, patients will be able to:
  • View the data contained in their DMP (except for sensitive documents which require discussion with a healthcare professional beforehand, as part of the announcement mechanism). They will be offered different search modes to facilitate access;
  • Be informed about new documents entered into their DMP (new events notification service);
  • Correspond securely with a healthcare professional, once that professional has given their consent;
  • Enter information into their personal patient area: self-monitoring results, their wishes regarding arrangements at the end of their lives, etc;
  • Download all or some of their DMP.