A look back at the “ethics concerning the use of digital technology in healthcare” event organized by the French medical association (CNOM)

Éthique | 23 Jan 2013

On 14 November, the French medical association ("Conseil National de l’Ordre des Médecins" - CNOM) organized a day of debates and discussion on ethical subjects concerning the use of digital technology in healthcare.

The development of healthcare-related ICT is profoundly changing patients’ expectations, the practices of professionals and interpersonal relationships. This technological innovation undeniably brings benefits with it in terms of medical and medico-social care for patients and public health challenges. It also raises numerous questions on web health and the future of digital health. The event, organized by CNOM, provided doctors with a space in which to hold debates and exchange information on these topics in order to shed some light on different perspectives on the ethical deployment of ICT.

Placed under the patronage of Marisol Touraine, minister for health and social affairs,the day-long event began with a speech by Michel Legmann, president of CNOM. He reiterated the need for caution to ensure the proper development of this key technology, which will benefit patients.

His speech was followed by an introduction to the event by Jacques Lucas, vice-president and spokesperson on health information systems. He made the case that ICT could be a driving force within healthcare in improving the coordination and accessibility of care across the entire country.

You can find the agenda, a report on the event held on 14 November, and all the debates on video on the CNOM website (in french)