epSOS pilot European e-health project extends its network of cross-border services.

Interopérabilité | 09 Oct 2012
On 8th of March 2012, the European project for exchanging healthcare data (epSOS) entered its pilot operational phase. Healthcare professionals can now access services in their own languages, such as patient summaries and electronic prescriptions for patients who are staying in a foreign country. In France, this project has been implemented by ASIP Santé.
This pilot project will mean that the interoperability of healthcare systems of the various participating European countries can be tested in real situations. (See also our Mag article on this subject).

Rollout has been gradual: France and the Czech Republic began the first patient summary service at the beginning of March, followed in April by Spain and Austria, and in May by Italy. In July, Spain extended its network, with the creation of 28 additional epSOS points in the Balearic Islands and in Valencia. The electronic prescription service began in Greece in July, in 18 pharmacies in Athens and the surrounding area. The full list of epSOS points is available on the project website(in English).

France has opted to carry out the pilot project jointly with the ERASMUS. programme. Students at university in Bourgogne, Paris West Nanterre La Défense or Strasbourg who go to study in Spain, Italy or Austria can, if they need to, authorize access to their patient summaries, which will enable doctors in their target country to provide better treatment for them. Conversely, foreign students studying at these French universities can see doctors at the university medical service and can authorize these doctors to see their medical files.

For further information:
Official site of the epSOS programme (in English)