A day devoted to e-health at the British Embassy

Politique publique | 02 Mar 2012

On 15 March, the British Embassy in Paris and the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) department are organising a conference on the subject of e-health. Entitled “Connected Health Challenges, Franco British Conference on E-Health & Autonomy”, the meeting will bring together both countries’ main institutional and industrial stakeholders in e-health for a day of exchanges and discussions about the hopes generated by this neglected sector, together with potential pitfalls, including in particular the presentation of learnings from the abandonment of the centralised health information system in the United Kingdom last November.

In this respect, ASIP Santé was kindly invited by the British Embassy to present the electronic health record, the only secure and centralised system in the world for sharing healthcare data, accessible to the patients, in operation at present. Elie Lobel, of the ASIP Santé “Healthcare Projects and Coordination” unit, will focus in particular on the role of the electronic health record information system in building a global and sustainable framework of reference standards, registers, secure systems…. bringing together all healthcare stakeholders in order to focus on and stimulate the development of e-health in France.