C. Lagarde, X. Bertrand, E. Besson and R. Ricol announce the launch of the call for e-health tenders: health and autonomy in patients’ homes via digital technology

Politique publique | 18 Jan 2011
source : Commissariat Général à l'Investissement

This call for tenders is being funded as part of the Investment for the Future programme, to the tune of €2.5 billion, for research and development into new uses for digital technology (digitally based technologies; digitization and expansion of cultural, scientific and technical content; e-health; e-education; cloud computing; security and resilience of networks; intelligent transport systems; and the digital city).

It will provide support for innovative R&D projects focused on the application of digital technologies to e-health, and specifically those aimed at improving autonomy, well-being and the prevention of dependency in the home.

At present, there are several challenges facing the health sector, and the drive to maintain autonomy, including: dependency among the elderly; accessibility for people with disabilities; the treatment of chronic diseases; and controlling health expenditure. These developments require the leveraging of new technologies to meet the challenges of health and dependency. Information and communication technologies will enable the quality of healthcare to be strengthened, help with the monitoring and treatment of elderly people in their own homes, and facilitate accessibility and social inclusion for people with disabilities.

The call for tenders is intended to promote cooperation between innovative enterprises, research bodies and healthcare institutions, to foster the development of new digital technologies designed to improve the management of dependency. The potential for economic proliferation will be a key criterion in the selection procedure.

This process, to which tens of millions of euros have been allocated, is being managed by the French Fund for the Digital Society.

The call for tenders will close at noon on 29 April 2011.