New structures to oversee e-health development in Europe

Politique publique | 20 May 2010
The European Union has decided to organize the overseeing of e-health development in Europe. At the European Council meeting of 1 December 2009, the ministers of health (under the Swedish presidency of the EU) agreed on the importance of e-health at pan-European level.

In March 2010, at the eHealth conference in Barcelona, the ministers and secretaries of state of the 27 EU countries (and four other associated states) adopted the European co-operation on eHealth declaration.

This is aimed at organizing the development of e-health in Europe, and focuses on five key points:
  1. Securing political and strategic commitments,
  2. Establishing a secure space,
  3. Drawing up a regulatory framework,
  4. Protecting personal medical data, 
  5. Encouraging interoperability and cooperation between different bodies.
Once the decision had been taken, a European coordinator (Dr Clemens Martin Auer, director general of the Austrian ministry of health) was selected to establish a suitable organization.