Outcomes of the "Connected Health Challenges" one-day conference, held at the British Embassy in Paris

Politique publique | 30 Mar 2012
On 15 March, ASIP Santé was invited by the British Embassy in Paris and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) to attend a one-day conference entitled "Connected Health Challenges: Franco-British Conference on E-Health and Autonomy". The aim of this international e-health meeting was to bring together industrial and institutional organizations from both countries to discuss and initiate jointly funded projects.

Speeches from important institutional and industrial players in France were interspersed with networking sessions for which participants signed up in advance, enabling useful contacts to be made quickly.

Following a welcome address by Sir Peter Ricketts, the British Ambassador to France, the participants heard a presentation by Stephen Johnson of the "3millionlives" programme, which was launched in 2012 by the British National Health Service. Its objective is to roll out telemedicine on a large scale over 5 years, in order to improve the lives of at least 3 million patients. This ambitious programme is based on figures learned from the largest statistical study ever conducted on telemedicine. This 2008 study involved 6191 patients and 238 independent doctors, and showed that telemedicine had reduced mortality and emergency admission levels.

The event was also an opportunity to look at the sudden end last autumn to the British centralized information system programme (the NPfIT or National Programme for IT). This project was far from an unmitigated failure; it has been partially remodelled, and has resulted in useful lessons about the pitfalls of any health information systems project. It led to major projects such as the establishment of a centralized infrastructure and a national NHS network, medical records in all GP practices in the UK, use of image archives in all hospitals, the ability to identify almost all patients in the country, and the Choose and Book system that has been rolled out to hospitals.

The representative of ASIP Santé, Elie Lobel, who is director of the "Care Projects and Co-ordination" unit, emphasized the role of the "DMP information system" in building a generalized and sustainable set of reference standards, directories and secure systems, mobilizing everyone involved in healthcare in order to support and stimulate the development of e-health in France.