Reorganisation of healthcare monitoring units: a priority issue

Politique publique | 12 Sep 2014
Recent health crises, especially in the areas of medical care (Mediator) and material (PIPs) monitoring, highlighted the weaknesses of the current system in recording monitoring signals. The reorganisation of this process is a priority issue raised by the Minister of Health, Marisol Touraine, and is now a part of the National Health Strategy (Field 7) which has greatly mobilised ASIP Santé.

The reorganisation of healthcare monitoring units draws largely on the work carried out by ASIP Santé for the drafting the "Reorganisation of healthcare monitoring units" report submitted to the Minister of Health by Dr Jean-Yves Grail (formerly Director General for Health - DGS) in July 2013. The Agency conducted, throughout the year, under the authority of the Directorate General for Health (DGS), the preparatory work for the definition of all areas of reform.

The first axis aims to facilitate the collection of monitoring signals for health professionals, industry and the existing structures of care, not to mention the general public, through the creation, in 2014, of a unique portal for reporting all adverse events in the healthcare domain.

The second axis must optimise and simplify the regional health monitoring system through the creation of regional groupings to support health monitoring and assessment (GRAVES), gathering all regional entities involved in monitoring and controlled by each Regional Health Agency (ARS).

The third axis identified in the report is the reorganisation of tasks and expertise at national level, with the strengthening and reorganisation of the missions of the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance (InVS), a part of the National Agency for Medicinal Security (ANSM).

Finally, the report recommends clarifying the responsibilities of stakeholders to improve the overall management of healthcare monitoring units and the clarity of information disseminated to the public.