ASIP Santé launches third call for tenders programme: telemedicine 1

Régions | 09 Nov 2010
The telemedecine programme is intended to accelerate the various uses of telemedicine and firmly establish them, and is the subject of a new call for tenders launched by ASIP Santé. ASIP Santé's objective is to encourage the implementation of telemedicine projects which can be rolled out in other regions, and meet all the legal, medical, economic, organizational and technical requirements..
Over the last few years numerous telemedicine initiatives have been introduced, to respond to crucial challenges like improving the quality of healthcare, access to healthcare, coordination of healthcare, and the development of new medical practices, as well as making treatment more convenient, to meet the expectations of patients.

The added value offered by telemedicine in terms of quality and security in the organization of healthcare has been proven beyond doubt. However, it is important to support these initiatives by providing a coherent and controlled framework, to guarantee their results and continuity. This is the goal of the telemedicine 1 programme initiated by ASIP Santé.