ASIP Santé launches e-health accreditation scheme for software used in healthcare centres

Services | 08 Oct 2012
As part of its support for the computerization of healthcare centres, ASIP Santé is offering software publishers the chance to obtain healthcare centre software accreditation.
This accreditation can be granted to any software solution or family of products designed for healthcare professionals working in healthcare centres, which comply with the functional requirements.

The accreditation enables information system project managers to make an informed choice of software, by identifying those that have all the functionalities required by healthcare centres: a health record and joint care record for all professionals in the organization, management of patient consent to data sharing between healthcare professionals in the facility, activity indicators, compatibility with the wider electronic health record (DMP) service, and many more.

In order to be awarded this accreditation, a software publisher must :
  • Download the three documents (in French) relating to accreditation (regulations, framework, agreement) that are available on this page (see below);
  • Become familiar with the functional framework and ensure that the candidate software solution includes the functionalities that are described in this framework;
  • Fill in the agreement, identifying the software products and the occupations they are designed for, including the level of accreditation requested (standard or advanced);
  • Send the fully completed application to ASIP Santé, by post or electronically, depending on the particular requirements for the level of accreditation sought.

ASIP Santé will carry out a compliance visit to a user site, to check that the publisher's declaration is compliant.

The list of accredited solutions will be published on the website, and will be kept up to date. A new accreditation area will soon be added to the website, which will contain a full range of information about accreditation.

This accreditation initiative is a concrete example of the support provided by ASIP Santé as a result of joint requests from the Direction Générale de l’Offre de Soins (DGOS) and the Direction de la Sécurité Sociale (DSS), such as: 
  • A study of information systems in healthcare centres and clusters, and in polyclinics;
  • Work alongside software publishers and users in the context of this study;
  • Creation of documents to assist project planning: template project plans and specifications.

The functional framework for this accreditation is the direct result of the initial study, carried out under the guidance of the working group of healthcare professionals with experience in this area, together with the Fédération Française des Maisons et Pôles de Santé(FFMPS)