ASIP Santé publishes a study on information systems in healthcare centres, groupings and polyclinics

Services | 08 Oct 2012
Following a request from the Direction de la Sécurité Sociale (DSS) and the Direction Générale de l'Offre de Soins (DGOS), ASIP Santé has carried out a study with the aim of specifying information systems in healthcare centres and clusters and in polyclinics. The final version of the specifications document is now available.
The study identifies two types of professional approach, which correspond to two IT models – integrated and distributed models. The study provides a broad view of both models, for the various target audiences: project leaders, who will use it to choose an appropriate IT architecture; and contract managers, who it will help to understand the challenges, resources and workload involved in such projects. The study is also aimed at those involved in contracting (people responsible for software integration, software publishers, data hosts), who will find it useful when adapting their services to the expectations of these new types of organization.

The final version of the specifications document, and a summary of important points (in French), are available for download below (in PDF format) :