Modernization begins of IT and telecom systems at France’s medical emergency call centres

Services | 03 Jul 2013
The ministry of social affairs and health entrusted ASIP Santé with the task of looking into how to modernize the information systems and telecoms used by SAMU-15 medical emergency call centres. The initialization phase is now under way.

Weaknesses revealed by the Mardegan report

In July 2010, the report on the modernization of the French emergency medical services (SAMU), entrusted to Doctor Pierre Mardegan, emergency physician and head of the A&E-SAMU-intensive care cluster at Montauban hospital, as well as the review committee of Samu-Urgences de France, highlighted concerning persistent operational and technological weaknesses in infrastructure and put forward some approaches for consideration.

Discussions held since the report

Following these insights, the French directorate general for care provision (DGOS, the ministry of social affairs and health) asked ASIP Santé to draw up a plan to modernize the information systems and telecoms of SAMU call centres. A study into the “Modernization of the information systems and telecoms of SAMU call centres” was submitted for comments until 30 September 2012. This allowed four modernization scenarios to be studied, one of which was the idea of pooling a national system shared by all call centres. This was favoured by the ministry of social affairs and health..

Expected benefits

The aim of modernizing the information systems and telecoms of SAMU call centres is to meet the major challenges that they face, principally to: :
  • Provide appropriate care across the whole of France with high-quality service;
  • Manage regulations and provide guidance at national level on proposals;
  • Manage national crises;
  • Employ a highly available system;
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of health data;
  • Interact with partners (the local fire and rescue service (SDIS), SOS médecins, etc.);
  • Use healthcare software: the operational directory of resources (ROR) and the electronic health record (DMP); and
  • Optimize and account for public spending.

Modernization work begins on SAMU call centre IT and telecoms systems !

The proposal selected of a single, shared solution, as is the case in large call centres where applications and telephony are available across the whole of France, will now be the subject of an in-depth feasibility study. This study has become part of ASIP Santé’s programme, following the  engagement letter of 22 October 2012 (in French) entrusting it with managing the project to modernize the information systems and telecoms of SAMU call centres.

The project’s initialization phase, which started in January 2013 (six months), will allow the main principles to be defined for carrying out the project (management, phases, budget and legal aspects, etc.). This will then be followed, if appropriate, by the implementation phase.

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