ASIP Santé creates ethics and professional conduct council

Communiqué de Presse | 20 Sep 2010
  • On 12 May, the ASIP Santé management board appointed the members of the ethics and professional conduct council, the creation of which is provided for in article 10 of the agency's constituent agreement.
  • Chaired by Jacques Lucas, the representative of the president of the French Medical Association (CNOM), its vice-president is Christian Saout, who is president of the CISS group of French health associations. The council has 16 members in total, both male and female, from a range of fields including research, medicine, education, journalism and ethics.
  • Through its advice and the work it does, the ethics and professional conduct council will contribute to the development of information systems which ensure that personal health data is protected. Since this data is sensitive, it is essential to guarantee that they will only be used for the benefit of the patient.
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