Coordinating healthcare professionals: Biology leads the way in structuring health data

Communiqué de Presse | 20 Sep 2010
  • In partnership with the French laboratory informatics agency (SFIL) and the Paris hospitals authority (AP-HP), ASIP Santé has announced the support policy it will be implementing in the autumn for the entire production chain of biology test reports, specialist laboratories and local laboratories, for prescribing doctors and healthcare teams.
  • This new boost to the biology sector and its software developers will be based on the work that ASIP Santé and its partners have already done in standardizing biology test reports and the associated nomenclature.
  • The "biology" subset of the LOINC (logical observation identifiers names and codes) international nomenclature now has a French translation – the result of a collaborative venture between the SFIL and AP-HP, which was coordinated by ASIP Santé. The first version of this framework, published in version 0.2 of the health information systems interoperability framework, provides an interoperable code system for reporting the results of almost 4,400 elementary analyses.
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