Our organization

Qui sommes-nous ? | 16 Nov 2012

Our teams

The general secretariat, led by Jeanne Bossi, contributes to the work carried out by the management team in order to ensure that the agency’s large-scale projects are executed smoothly. It carries out “support” services in the following areas: legal, HR and finance, as well as general and accounting services.

Five divisions work under the supervision of the management team :
• User relations
• Projects/healthcare coordination
• Territories and development of uses
• Communication
• Technical and security, working on three central areas: projects, infrastructures and reference standards.

Our governance

The management board is the guarantor of ASIP Santé’s general policy. It is chaired by Michel Gagneux and is composed of directors representing the state, the French national health insurance fund for salaried employees (CNAMTS) and the national solidarity fund for autonomy (CNSA).

The agency also relies on the support of advisory bodies ensuring broader representation (healthcare professionals, patients, economic and institutional stakeholders, etc.) of healthcare stakeholders: the ethics and professional conduct council, the healthcare professional liaison and cooperation committee, the ASIP Santé conference and the shared register of healthcare professionals (RPPS) joint management committee.

National and local partners

In its work coordinating e-health, ASIP Santé takes all stakeholders affected by the implementation of health information systems into its considerations.

At national level, partnerships have been entered into with the main public stakeholders, such as the French national cancer institute (INCa), the French institute for public health surveillance (InVS) and the French agency supporting the performance of healthcare and medico-social institutions (ANAP). The agency also regularly brings together economic and industrial stakeholders (software development firms, e-health operators, etc.) on specific days.

At regional level, ASIP Santé attempts to pool local initiatives, relying on regional healthcare agencies (ARS) and regional project managers. These project managers consist of various public and private local healthcare and IT stakeholders, brought together as part of local health information systems development projects, which may have existed for several years and in which ASIP Santé is now involved. They are often organized as health cooperation groupings (GCS), a statute provided for by the public health code making it possible to partner with public and private healthcare institutions, community structures (healthcare centres, care homes, etc.), independent medical professionals, whether they work on their own or as part of a group, and even medico-social stakeholders. The groupings either have legal status under public law or private law, as appropriate.

ASIP Santé contracts out to these local stakeholders through tenders for projects and, as such, initiates new funding methods for stimulating the rollout of e-health services.

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