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Qui sommes-nous ? | 23 Aug 2012

Find below testimonials and perspectives of 25 personalities from the sector on the development of e-health ...

Michel Gagneux and Jean-Yves Robin

2011, e-health forges ahead
By Michel Gagneux,
chair of ASIP Santé and
Jean-Yves Robin,
director of ASIP Santé..

Jeanne Bossi Sharing health data: make no mistakes
By Jeanne Bossi, head secretary of ASIP Santé.
Lise VerreaultQuebec: consolidating the digital health ecosystem
By Lise Verreault, associate deputy minister, programme office for the computerization of the health and social services network, Quebec ministry of health and social services.
David ChampeauxBoosting usage levels and turning promised benefits into reality
By David Champeaux, associate director at McKinsey, and co-manager of the global healthcare technology sector.
Matthew SwindellsLessons from the UK
By Matthew Swindells, Senior Vice President Global Consulting Cerner.
Magali LeoE-health: real services responding to real needs
By Magali Leo, CISS representative (the French federation of healthcare users).
Jérôme DuvernoisTowards clarification of health information systems leadership
By Jérôme Duvernois, president of LESISS and director of strategy at Softway Medical.
François-Emmanuel BlancMaking telemedicine a priority in Poitou-Charentes
By François-Emmanuel Blanc, director general of Poitou-Charentes regional health agency (ARS).
Dr Michel ChassangE-health is a way forward for community medical services
By Dr Michel Chassang, CSMF president.
Laurent HabertEnabling information circulation and sharing in the health sector
By Laurent Habert, director general of the Alsace regional health agency.
Ludovic ChouetDeveloping the use of the DMP while rolling it out to everyone
By Ludovic Chouet, director of GCS Emosist.
Noëlle Saint-UperyPlacing the DMP in an e-health context
By Noëlle Saint-Upery, director of GCS TéléSanté Aquitaine (GCS TSA).
Gaston SteinerWe were the first to get behind regional rollout
By Gaston Steiner, Director of Alsace e-health GCS (health co-operation group).
Christian HuartMobilizing efforts to drive the DMP forward
By Christian Huart, Director of Picardy e-health GCS.
Francis MambriniAdapting healthcare IT facilities
By Francis Mambrini, president of FEIMA, vice-president of Cegedim Healthcare Software.
Pascal CharlesDMP: enthusiasm in Alsace
By Pascal Charles, independent doctor in Alsace.
Michaël de BlockTroyes: local hospital is pushing forward rollout of the DMP
By Michaël de Block, director of the Troyes Hospital information system.
Dr Élisabeth ParizelTelemedicine in Lorraine
By Dr Élisabeth Parizel, radiologist, head of department, former chair of CME, project leader for the CANSSM and HOSPITALOR imaging services grouping.
Dr Jacques LucasBuilding a secure space together: digital environments in healthcare
By Dr Jacques Lucas, vice-chair of the French Medical Association.
Marie-Josée KellerE-health: the Association of Midwives takes an active role
By Marie-Josée Keller, President of the French Association of Midwives.
Fabien AumenierCPS and DMP in psychiatry: a ground-breaking security project and a solution to the computerized patient record
By Fabien Aumenier, information technology manager, Henri-Ey Hospital, Eure-et-Loir, France.
Catherine CourboilletIf the results of laboratory tests are to be usable in various facilities, they must be expressed the same way by everyone
By Catherine Courboillet, CEO of Cerba European Lab.
Laurent SinistroAuthorization: a service quality challenge
By Laurent Sinistro, head of Sigems Data Center.
Philippe BurnelAvoiding confusion with a clearly defined framework
By Philippe Burnel, commissioner for health information systems strategy (DSSIS) at the French ministry for labour, employment and health.
Luc AllaireThe information system for MAIA homes must be integrated with the work done by ASIP Santé
By Luc Allaire, director of CNSA (the French national solidarity fund for autonomy).
Élisabeth HubertA dual challenge: care quality and care availability in the community
By Élisabeth Hubert, former minister, chair of FNEHAD.
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