The mag issue 2
On the ground
Telemedicine: healthcare progress for all
Questions about telemedicine? Find our answers on the topic
In practice
The DMP, step by step
How do I use the DMP (electronic health record)? Who can open it? Who can view it? These are just some of the practical questions we answer for
3 questions for...
"E-health is a service unlike any other"
Interview of Magali Leo, project manager at
Service of tomorrow
A spotlight on electronic prescriptions
Electronic prescriptions, or e-prescriptions, are the way of the future. This electronic process will replace paper prescriptions.
E-health stakeholders
Protecting healthcare data
CNIL, CIL, INS, Afhads… Find out the meaning of these acronyms, which help safeguard your personal health
What we can learn from the English
The UK has undertaken large IT projects in their health sector. Even though not all the projects achieved their objectives, we can still draw some very instructive
Denmark: a model for e-health
Denmark is particularly advanced in the development of e-health services. Here are some practical explanations and applications.
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