Health Information Systems Interoperability Framework (HIS-IF)

Référentiels d’intéropérabilité | 29 Mar 2012
The current version of the HIS-IF is focused on the needs of shared health information systems, beginning with the Dossier Medical Personnel (DMP), with the purpose of enabling patient care in a secure and confidential way. The healthcare professional smart card system called the CPS in France contributes to the user's trust in the security of these exchanges, and constitutes a key structural component of this reference framework.
The HIS-IF adapts the IHE Integration Profiles to a French context. An IHE profile is written in the form of a guide for the implementation of standards and best practices with the purpose of enabling the coordination of care across multiple information systems, and focusing on the sharing or exchange of data between these systems. An IHE Profile reduces the costs for the design, development, interface testing and deployment of interoperable health solutions.

The 4 major specifications of this reference framework were translated into English from released 1.0.1. These translations are avalaible below.
The up-to-date release of the HIS-IF is always available in French at CI-SIS home page.