France and Quebec: working together to computerize the healthcare system

Le Mag Article | 12 Apr 2012
E-health is currently being explored by many countries. It is therefore important that France develops partnerships with other countries, in order to share good practice.

For the last two years, France has been in such a partnership with Quebec, aided by ASIP Santé.
This joint project was created on the basis of their cultural and legal similarities. The closely related territories share the same needs and objectives in terms of the development of e-health.

The project has been conducted via meetings intended to give impetus to work that has already begun in both countries. For instance, last spring a delegation from ASIP Santé went to Quebec to take part in working groups to perform a comparative study of the rollout of the French electronic health record (DMP) and the Quebec Health Record (QHR/DSQ). A delegation from Quebec came to France, primarily in order to present opportunities for investment in Quebec e-health. These exchanges were fruitful, and have already led to significant technical progress in the secure sharing of healthcare data.