The European epSOS Project

Le Mag Article | 20 Jul 2012
epSOS means "Smart Open Services for European Patients." This is a European pilot project aimed at testing the interoperability of health information systems at a European level. ASIP Santé is in charge of implementing this project in France. Analysis of this project will enable recommendations to be made on cross-border health data exchange.
European citizens are travelling more and more between EU countries and this has resulted in new needs emerging, especially in the area of healthcare. You already know about the European medical insurance card which is your "Carte Vitale" in other EU countries. But now the next step needs to be taken: an electronic medical file needs to be accessible to doctors in other countries and these doctors need to be able to understand the content. The secret? Semantic interoperability.
Behind this idea lies a simple concept: common interpretation of exchanged information. In short, illnesses, treatments, examinations, diagnostics and more are recorded in the country's language but appear (thanks to a system using equivalences) in the language of the doctor examining the patient.
This project is currently in its "full-scale" testing phase. In particular, it will enable Erasmus programme student volunteers to benefit from their health information being made securely available across nine European countries (Austria, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden) at a limited number of sites.
Evaluating the service will allow the functional, legal and technical conditions for implementing a system of healthcare data sharing between European healthcare professionals to be set out.

Students at the universities of Bourgogne, Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense and Strasbourg who participate in the 2011-2012 university year Erasmus programme (a period of nine months) will be able, should they so wish, to take part in the project. They will create their electronic medial summary with 14 doctors in the preventative medicine and health promotion services at these three universities.

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