Adapting healthcare IT facilities

Points de vue | 15 Mar 2012
Point of view by Francis Mambrini, president of FEIMA, vice-president of Cegedim Healthcare Software.

The development of new computerized healthcare services cannot be done without adapting the sector's current systems and software. We talk to a representative of the profession.

The group is involved in medical and paramedical records in independent doctors' offices, health centres and polyclinics; major national projects; and fields such as interoperability, the DMP, simplifying administration (integration of remote services into health insurance system), managing performance-related pay indicators, hosting health data, and new ways of working (multidisciplinary and mobile working).
FEIMA's profile in the independent healthcare market means it is a leading player in the changing world of information systems for government-provided services.
Its members are aware of the important contributions they can make to the current and future changing environment in the health and social care systems, and have rapidly begun a constructive working partnership with ASIP Santé.
They are always conscious of the need to provide integration with the specialist software they provide to clients, which will ensure support from their users, and it was on this basis that FEIMA members took part in the work on interoperability that was led by ASIP Santé, and later in the electronic health record project.
These initial services reflect a decisive shift towards sharing of health data, which will benefit care co-ordination. They are the first components of a foundation that has been awaited by all those involved for over ten years, and should be complemented in the coming months by additional services such as semantic standardization and data structuring, secure messaging, and security reference standards that are appropriate for new types of architecture. ASIP Santé knows it can count on assistance from FEIMA members in defining these standards in line with the expectations of the healthcare professionals for whom they are designed.


FEIMA is a group of 6 software companies that supply over 130,000 independent healthcare professionals, making up over 75% of healthcare professionals using computers (Aatlandide, CBA, CompuGroup Medical, Cegedim Healthcare Software, Imagine Edition, RM Ingénierie).
Extract from the ASIP Santé's Annual Report 2011.