Troyes: local hospital is pushing forward rollout of the DMP

Points de vue | 15 Mar 2012
Point of view by Michaël de Block, director of the Troyes Hospital information system.

DMP rollout is becoming a reality at Troyes hospital. The project has two main aspects: adaptation of the hospital's information system and informing patients. Lessons learned from three months of use.

What were the challenges when you set up the DMP in your facility?

In the DMP, Troyes Hospital saw a way to improve care pathways in our health region, and to develop closer relationships with external partners (community doctors and other public and private care facilities). As it is the main employer in Aube, and the second largest hospital in Champagne-Ardenne in terms of workload, Troyes Hospital felt it could be a driving force behind the provision of patient information, in the creation of the DMP and in populating these records, using its extensive information system, which includes around forty specialist software packages, into which healthcare professionals input data regularly.

How did you roll the DMP out?

A steering committee, made up of representatives from hospital management and the medical authorities, met on 13 September 2011, in the presence of ASIP Santé and of the Champagne health co-operation grouping for health information systems (GCS SIS CA), in order to discuss the official launch of the project in the facility. Each directorate made available some staff time. With the assistance of GCS SIS CA, the information systems directorate at Troyes Hospital created two types of DMP user profile: "information profile" and "creation profile". Three DMP stalls were placed at the hospital's entrances, and were open for two hours every weekday. The official launch took place on 17 October 2011, and was supported by extensive information on the Internet, in the local press and on local television news, as well as on video screens in waiting rooms, which displayed informative clips about the DMP.

What are the initial lessons of this experience? What are the objectives now?

Three months after launch, progress was modest: around one thousand people had been informed, but half were undecided, because of a lack of trust in the DMP. Only 15% of patients who were consulted chose to open a DMP. In addition, although 45% of those who received information gave their consent, there were technical problems that heavily disrupted the DMP creation process. Troyes Hospital, with the support of ASIP Santé, found technical solutions to these problems. Consideration was given to ways of communicating with patients, and recruitment of DMP trainers was launched. They will man the stands for several hours a day, and create DMP records, as well as visit patients and their families on the wards. In addition, we are completing the process of implementing DMP-compatible input tools, with assistance from our technical partner INTERSYSTEM. Naturally, this process is supported by dialogue between hospital doctors and the specialist office, in order to decide which documents can be used to input data to DMPs. Troyes Hospital is also holding meetings with community doctors, in the form of information sessions, with leadership from the Aube Medical Association, together with ASIP Santé and GCS SIS CA.


Troyes Hospital (CH) is the second largest public hospital in the Champagne-Ardenne region. It is the principal healthcare facility in the Aube département, by size, diversity and extent of the work it does. It carries out most medical work and around one third of surgical work (all disciplines). Its level-3 maternity unit performs the majority of deliveries in the département.

Extract from the ASIP Santé's Annual Report 2011.